I'm creating a league of superheroes

Fighting Shoulds, Overwhelm and Perfectionist BS in Modern Parenting.

Bounceback Parenting League

About Me

Hey, I'm Alissa, Director of Ops in the Bounceback Parenting League and author of Bounceback Parenting, a Field Guide for Creating Connection Not Perfection. I'm a mom to 3 kids, an artist, writer and jiujiteira.

Why You Should Join Me

We want to be loving, calm, (but fun!) all around awesome parents. Add to this the zillion pressures from every angle on today's moms and dads and you have a recipe for stress and overwhelm. I'm on a mission to cut through your external noise and internal overwhelm to show you your own amazing capabilities and send shoulds and perfection packing. 

I've discovered that what I need most in this journey as a mom is a community where I'm safe to grow.  I want you to have this unique kind of community as well. This is what I'm creating with the Bounceback Parenting League. Join us and lets fight the supervillains of should, overwhelm and perfection together.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for sharing your stories and for taking part in Bounceback Parenting. You are my inspiration, and this community is going to be so fun because of you.

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